At the absolute center of everything we do you’ll find our immense enthusiasm for Yoga. We want nothing more, as practitioners and Yogi enthusiasts, to provide exceptional quality and affordable prices to fellow practitioners. And although we may be new to the business, we are completely dedicated to establishing a firm foundation in trust and loyalty.

We find it imperative to uphold high standards for excellence and safety in everything we do, priding ourselves in ensuring safe working conditions that never include child labor and always maintain the best interest of our employees. However, we also like to ensure that our prices are always affordable without compensating our ethics and we also make it a point to never stop improving our quality of service. It’s important to us, even in the early stages of our business, to provide an excellent experience for everyone.


Yoga is truly a life changing experience. For anyone who has never tried yoga, they may not realize just how much of a transformation it can make, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that yoga is feasible for everyone. We want yoga to be part of every person’s life, as we strongheartedpy believe it adds richness, strength, and value to each moment of our existence. This is one of the many reasons we like to keep our prices affordable for any budget, so that every person can enjoy the incredible benefits yoga will add to their lives.


We make it our aim to promote a healthy lifestyle in every way possible. We believe in embracing each moment fully and deeply, and in order to do so one must be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Standing by our desire to make life a more colorful and profound experience for everyone, we are constantly accepting feedback and ensuring that we meet service standards at all times. There’s nothing we want more than to make yoga a feasible and affordable option for everyone, so there are absolutely no excuses for not taking hold of this life changing experience.


We are proud to say that a generous portion of our proceeds go to the Give Back Yoga Foundation.


The Give Back Yoga Foundation is a wonderful non-profit yoga organization that encourages and fundsall traditions of yoga instructors in order to bring yoga to everyone seeking the benefits of this amazing practice. You can discover more about their cause by clicking here.


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